Video: Spring Wildflowers of New England

In 2007, I created a video showing a selection of spring wildflowers native to eastern North American woodlands. This video should appear above, but it may be incompatible with some browsers on certain systems. If the video does not appear above, you can try opening this page with the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer, or you can download this 28.5 megabyte video directly.

The wildflower species shown in the video are as follows, listed in the order in which they appear: Bloodroot, trout-lily, Dutchman's-breeches, Squirrel-corn, Virginia bluebells, Wild bleeding-heart, Wood poppy, May-apple, Ostrich fern, Foamflower, Wild columbine, Sessile trillium, Red trillium, White trillium, White baneberry, Yellow violet, Goldie's fern, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Wild blue phlox, Virginia spring beauty, Whip-poor-will trillium, Goldenseal, Albino red trillium, Blue cohosh, Large yellow lady slipper.

The background music is my composition, Nirvana, the fifth movement of Psychic Journey, a five-part suite which I composed in 2002.