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This page is a comprehensive overview of the elmpost.org domain, maintained by Bruce Carley of Acton, Massachusetts. While this domain focuses prominently on American elm restoration, it also encompasses an assortment of other topics, some related and some not, ranging from the safely mainstream to the philosophically unorthodox or controversial. The common thread linking all of these items is the fact that they are of special interest to the author and uncommon enough to merit sharing with the world in the hope that they will inspire creativity, deep contemplation, and nobility of thought. The pages speak for themselves, and no defensive remarks or apologies will be offered about any of them. Welcome to a domain that hopefully reflects a much higher value placed on the ring of inherent truth than on competition-oriented appearances.

Trees and Wildflowers:

Saving the American Elm. The main article and default page of this domain describes a special project through which I am raising disease-resistant American elm trees for distribution in conservation areas and sale to interested individuals and organizations. Information on Dutch elm disease and on the cultivation and availability of DED-tolerant elms is included.

Elm Sapling Gallery. This gallery of elm sapling photographs was created as an appendix to the above article, to show various DED-tolerant American elm selections at different stages of their early growth.

Elm Sapling Gallery, page 2. The elm sapling gallery continues on this page, with more elm sapling photographs.

Gallery of Mature Elms. This gallery features photographs of various American elms in relatively mature form, including various DED-tolerant cultivars.

Miscellaneous elm photographs:
    Elm Branching Pattern     Main Street, Acton in 1879     Main Street, Acton in 1922
    20-year-old Valley Forge Elm

Technical data on American elm clones. This research report on USDA elm screening was published in 1995 and is posted here with permission.

More technical data on American elm clones This follow-up report on a seven-year study by the USDA was published in 2001 and is also posted here with permission.

Miscellaneous research reports:
    Evaluation of 19 American Elm Clones for Tolerance to Dutch Elm Disease
    DNA Fingerprinting of Clones and Hybrids of American Elm ...    

Valley Forge Elm Proves Itself in Acton, MA. This article describes in detail how one particular Valley Forge elm in Acton, Massachusetts contracted Dutch elm disease naturally and then recovered entirely on its own, demonstrating the DED tolerance of this variety. Some field observations concerning DED in American Liberty elms are also described.

Footnote About the Liberty elms. This page describes various disclosures on which my early speculations about the Liberty clones had been based, and presents detailed information on identifying the individual clones of the American Liberty series.

Liberty Elm Warning. Following my loss of more than one American Liberty elm to DED, this cautionary notice became unfortunately necessary.

Comparison of the Available American Elm Cultivars. This page outlines the important characteristics of each of the American elm cultivars that currently are available.

Parentage of Named Elm Cultivars and Hybrids. This chart illustrates graphically the lineage of all elm varieties of importance to the horticultural trade, as of 2001.

New Hope for the American Chestnut. This article describes the current situation of the American chestnut tree and provides information and links concerning a promising effort to restore this species to the forest canopy in the near future.

The Wildflower Trail at the Acton Arboretum. This article provides a pictorial tour of some of the native plants on display in the naturalistic gardens which I maintain at the Acton Arboretum in Acton, Massachusetts, and offers many tips on cultivating these featured species.

Video: Spring Wildflowers of New England. This four-minute video features a selection of spring-flowering wildflowers native to New England.

Video: Summer Wildflowers of New England. This three-minute video features a selection of summer-flowering wildflowers native to New England.

Video of Cypripedium parviflorum. This short video shows a patch of small yellow lady slipper plants in Acton, Massachusetts.

Map of the Acton Arboretum. This map shows the locations of trees and wildflowers which I have donated at the Acton Arboretum.

Mystical Philosophy:

What is Reality? An exposition on the metaphysical nature of being and the meaning of fullness in living.

Celestial Systematics. An exposition offering a possible scientific basis for and interpretation of astrological complexities - how and why every event may inherit the character of its time.

Working With Lunar Cycles. This article summarizes an interesting system by which farmers have worked for centuries, purporting that the time of the lunar month at which a plant is sown or transplanted may influence the developing characteristics of the plant in predictable ways.

Depths of the Arcane. A collection of deep, speculative thoughts on an assortment of topics relating to the psychic realm and its implications.

The Gospel of Life As I See It. My most deeply cherished principles, attitudes, and values are encapsulated in a nutshell on this page. This set of principles is what I stand for above all else and would hope to be remembered for above all else after my time on Earth expires.

Musical Inspirations:

From 2001 to 2003, I composed and rendered with quality sound fonts the following short pieces of music, listed here with titles followed by subtitles:
Expiration: Somber nostalgia and departure from Earth (March, 2002)
Relativity: Timeless voyage through the dimensions (September, 2001)
Absolution: Healing magnanimity at the end of the tunnel (November, 2001)
Prophecy: Sinister wonders at the edge of the abyss (February, 2002)
Nirvana: Wistful prayers and a magical reunion (May, 2002)
Psychic Journey - 15-minute suite combining all five above (May, 2002)

Xerophilia: Arid abandon closing in from below (March, 2003)
Transgression: Creepy infringement upon cosmic harmony (September, 2002)
Ordination: Imperative remedy under divine command (November, 2002)
Concoction: Brainstorming trip on an unworldly brew (February, 2003)
Zeitgeist: Archetypal heritage in timely transit (July, 2003)

The Creeps - 18-minute suite combining the last five above (July, 2003)

And again from 2012 to 2016:

Bob's Journey. Bob was my cat. In May, 2012, he got sick and then recovered. (May, 2012)
Twenty Twelve. A sketch of the year with mixed sound effects. (December, 2012)
Bob and the Elders. Bob the cat passed into spirit at year's end in 2013. (January, 2014)
The Becoming. A sketch on a hunch about arriving at a crucual moment. (April, 2016)

(c) by Bruce Carley. These music files may be shared privately, but please do not post or alter them in any way.


Life Without Principle, with highlights. In this reproduction of Henry David Thoreau's essay, Life Without Principle, I have highlighted a selection of passages which strike me as particularly remarkable and by which I seek to live.

My favorite passages from Henry David Thoreau's writings. My 56 favorite Thoreau quotes are listed on this page, with references to their sources.

A Calculator for Long Expressions. This home-made javascript calculator actually comes in handy at times.

Feedback Form. Your input helps to keep the pages at this domain accurate, functional, and up to date. Please note my choice of adjectives here, and feel free to comment on any item.

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